My name is Tomáš Davidovič, but I usually drop those funny accent signs to make everyone's life easier. I am a 3rd year PhD student at the Saarland University, under the supervision of prof. Philipp Slusallek. I study computer graphics at the Computergraphics Lab there. Even though gone for a while, I still keep in touch with my alma mater, Czech Technical Univesity in Prague, occasinally helping out their Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction.

I started out as a hardware designer, finishing my Masters in Digital Design. However since then I gradually moved towards graphics, and my current research interests straddle both fields. Namely I am interested in efficient globally illumination, GPU programming, new algorithms for massively parallel processors, but also possible new hardware modifications to make all of above faster and better.

As many in the field I like playing computer games, play tabletop miniature games (Warhammer FB), collectible card games (Legend of the Five Rings), and fly radio controlled airplanes and helicopters (from the ground, not inside).

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